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Roho Mid Profile Single Compartment Cushion

Roho Mid Profile Single Compartment Cushion

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Roho Mid Profile Single Compartment Cushion

The Roho Mid Profile Single Compartment Cushion is a seat cushion for people who spend a large majority of their time in their mobility chair. Constant pressure on specific points of the body can cause problems such as sores, aches, low blood-flow, ulcers, and so on. Being in a wheelchair was not a choice you made. But living a healthy life with your wheelchair is one you can.

The individual cells form to the user. The cells help properly seat and conform to the user preventing constant contact to the seat. Basically sitting on a cloud. This helps ease the pressure points that have caused you a discomfort, which is why you are here - to find a cushion that can reduce or eliminate the sores of constantly sitting. Once the cushion is placed, air-pumped and fitted to the chair. The hand check process can begin. With the person sitting on the cushion, you can review the hand check video to properly fit the cushion to the user. By properly fitting the wheelchair seat cushion, you are tuning for the best performance and benefit of the Roho cushion. The cushion and cover are made of non-natural latex. Free to use for people who are sensitive to latex products. Both are also easy to clean. The cells are spaced, allowing you to run a damp cloth through the cells and machine wash the cover.

Due to the cell allocation. There is no weight capacity as long as the correct size has been determined and selected. A flame resistant material keeps this cushion strong and durable. In the event there happens to be a fire, the cushion will resist, keeping you safe. If the cells do happen to get damaged. They can be individually repaired, prolonging the life of your seat.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight Cushion Does Not Add Extra Weight to Your Wheelchair
  • Flame Resistant Material
  • Helps People with Sores or Soft Skin Tissue
  • Easy to Clean Cover and Cells
  • Can Individually Repair Cells if One Gets Damaged
  • Universal Fitting for any Person
  • Single Cell Design Helps Conform to the User
  • Latex-Free Material

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: ROHO
  • Product SKU: 1R1010MPC, 1R1011MPC, 1R109MPC, 1R1110MPC, 1R1111MPC, 1R77MPC, 1R78MPC, 1R88MPC, 1R89MPC, 1R910MPC, 1R99MPC
  • Height: 3 1/4 Inches / 8.5 Without Load Centimetres
  • Warranty: 24-Month Limited Warranty for Cushion. 6 Month Limited Warranty for Cover
  • Material: Made with Non-Latex Material

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