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Combo Pack Twin Stim Plus ,US pro 2000 , 3 250 ML GEL AND 20 PACK 2X2 ELEC.

Combo Pack Twin Stim Plus ,US pro 2000 , 3 250 ML GEL AND 20 PACK 2X2 ELEC.

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1 EV-906/TWIN STIM PLUS TENS/EMS with AC Wall plug

1 US PRO 2000 ULTRASOUND UNIT  ( one the best unit for your pain Therapy)

10 PK 2X2 TAN ELECTRODES ( 40 - Electrodes)



Portable ultrasound US 2000

1 year Warranty - Both unit only ,  AC Adapter /wall plug - 30 days Warranty only

Please Note: This unit is for Personal use only, not for Commercial use. If the product is used for commercial purposes the warranty will not apply. 


• The  – US Pro 2000 Professional Ultrasound System
• Ultrasound Conductive Gel
• Auto Shut-Off Timer - Timer Settings: Adjustable, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min
• AC Adapter
• Hard Carrying Case
• Instruction Booklet

The  US Pro 2000 TM is our most powerful and deeply penetrating Ultrasound unit that we sell. This home unit is as close to what the professionals use as possible and yet even safer than most other models! Ultrasound is an excellent way to reduce deep and painful inflammation, joint restriction and swelling. Unlike electrical modalities, Ultrasound uses deeply penetrating and soothing sound waves that cause gentle microscopic vibration to loosen scarred and tangled muscle, tendon and ligament fibers.

Professionals Often Use Ultrasounds to Treat the Following:

• Reduce Pain
• Increase Painless Range of Motion in Many Types Of Joints
• Post-Injury, Post Surgery
• Muscle and Joint Inflammation
• Tissue Swelling
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Tennis Elbow
• Tendonitis
• Bursitis
• Frozen Shoulder
• Arthritis
• Reduce Scar Tissue
• Sciatica
• Low Back Pain
• Neck Pain

How Does Ultrasound Work?

The  US Pro 2000 TM is an Ultrasound device that generates high frequency sound waves (1MHz). These sound waves are applied and transferred from the skin surface of the area being treated in Pulsed mode by a Sound Head. The Sound Head, is moved across the surface in a circular pattern thereby allowing the sound waves to travel into the tissues below. Sound waves cause virtually unperceivable vibration, helping the tissues to relax and untangle. Circulation is also enhanced through the process known as ‘vasodilation’, and removal of cellular toxins is enhanced which enhances healing, reduces swelling, restriction and pain.


Is determined by the medical practitioner and may range from 2~5 minutes depending on the conditions treated and anatomic target site. Because air is a very poor sound conductor Ultrasound gels are used to conduct the wave energy to the skin.


1. Connect power wire to wire socket.

2. Connect AC adaptor to power.

3. Apply sufficient gel to skin at target area.

4. Switch on the power of your portable ultrasound machine. The default modulate duty cycle is 30%, indicator light of “L” level is on; When the default working time becomes 0, the indicator light is off.

5. Press the MODE button, Modulate duty cycle is adjustable (30%,40%, 50%).

6. Press the TIME button and set the working time. The time indictor light is on, and the device starts working.

7. Place the treatment head on the skin and move it slowly over the target area in a circular motion or in linear strokes at a rate of about 1 inch per second. DO NOT stop moving treatment head while in use.

8. Use special care on bony prominence's to avoid discomfort.

9. The power automatically turns off after the timer runs out or, if desired, the power can be turned off sooner by pushing the ON/OFF switch to OFF.

10. After using the Tens US Pro 2000 - Professional Home Ultrasound System, clean skin with water to remove gel.

11. Wipe excess gel off the treatment head with a damp cloth. Disinfect treatment head with antiseptic wipe. Do not immerse treatment head in water or solvent.

12. When power shuts off, leave unit off for 30 minutes before restarting unit.

13. After every treatment with the Ultrasound machine, disconnect AC adaptor from power source.

14. Do not impact the treatment head or drop ultrasound therapy equipment treatment head on the floor.


The Tens US Pro 2000 Portable Ultrasound Machine should not be used for the treatment of malignancies nor in the region with malignant tumors.

Technical Specifications

Working Frequency: 1.0MHz+-10%
Max Value Power Output: 9.60W+-20% (Duty Cycle 100%)
Power Output: L 2.88W, M: 3.84W, H: 4.80W
Modulate Frequency: 50Hz+-10%
Modulate Duty Cycle: Adjustable, L (30%), M (40%), H (50%)
Effective Radiation Area: 4.0cm2+-20%
Maximum Effective Sound 2.4W/cm2+_20% (Duty Cycle: 100%)
Max RBN: 5.0
Beam Type: Collimated
Material of US Head: Aluminum
Working Voltage: 15VDC
Working Current: Working current less than 1.0A,
Static current less 80mA
Working Time: Adjustable 5 min, 10 min, 15 min
Max Controlled Temperature of 42+-2º C (36º F)
Size: 202mm(L)x49mm(W)x0mm(H) (8”x2”x23/4”)
Safety Style: Class IIa, BF-type



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All Accessories are INCLUDED 

Unit is one year Warranty all other part with unit are only for 30 days warranty  

 Model #: EV-906
The EV-906 Digital TENS/EMS is a battery operated pulse generator that sends electrical impulses electrodes to the body
and reach the nerves and underlying muscle group. This unit is a combination stimulator of TENS and EMS which can be used for
 muscle stimulation and pain relief. The device is provided with four controllable output channels, each independent of each other.
 An electrode pair can be connected to each output channel. The intensity level is controlled by press buttons.







Four, isolated between channels


Pulse Amplitude

Adjustable, 0-100 mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel.


Wave Form

Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Square Pulse



0 to 50V (Load: 500 ohm)


Power source

Four 1.5V AA batteries



13.8cm(L) x 7.8cm(W) x 2.8cm(H)



425 grams with battery


Pulse Rate

Adjustable, from 2 to 150 Hz, 1 Hz/step


Pulse Width

Adjustable, from 50 to 300 microseconds, 10 μs/step


On Time

Adjustable, 2~90 seconds , 1 Sec./ step


Off Time

Adjustable, 0~90 seconds , 1 Sec./ step


Ramp Time

Adjustable, 1~8 seconds, 1 Sec./ step, The "On" time will increase and decrease in the setting value.



Five TENS Modes: B(Burst), N(Normal),M (Modulation),

SD1( Strength Duration), SD2 Three EMS Modes:C(Constant) S (Synchronous), A(Alternate)


Burst Mode(B)

Burst rate: Adjustable, 0.5 ~ 5Hz
Pulse width adjustable, 50~300μs
Frequency fixed = 100 Hz


Normal Mode(N)

The pulse rate and pulse width are adjustable. It generates continuous stimulation based on the setting value.


Modulation Mode(M)

Modulation mode is a combination of pulse rate and pulse width modulation. The pulse rate and width are automatically varied in a cycle pattern. The pulse width is decreased by 50% from its original setting in 0.5 second, then the pulse rate is decreased by 50% from its original setting in 0.5 second.Total cycle time is 1 second. In this mode, pulse rate(2-150Hz) and pulse width(50-300μs) are fully adjustable.


SD1 Mode

The SD1(Strength-Duration) mode consists of automatic modulation intensity and pulse width in 40% range. The intensity is always increasing while the pulse width is decreasing and vice-versa. The intensity is decreased by 40% while the pulse width is increased by 40% in 5 seconds. In the next 5 seconds, the intensity is increased by 40% while the pulse width is decreased by 40%.Total cycle time is 10 seconds. Pulse rate ( 2~150Hz) and pulse width (50~300μs) are fully adjustable.


SD2 Mode

The SD2(Strength-Duration) mode consists of automatic modulation intensity and pulse width in 70% range. The intensity is always increasing while the pulse width is decreasing and vice-versa. The intensity is decreased by 70% while the pulse width is increased by 70% in 5 seconds. In the next 5 seconds, the intensity is increased by 70% while the pulse width is decreased by 70%.Total cycle time is 10 seconds. Pulse rate( 2~150Hz) and pulse width (50~300μs) are fully adjustable.


Constant Mode (C)

Constant stimulation based on setting value. Only pulse width, pulse rate and timer are adjustable in this mode. "Constant" is equal o the"Normal" mode of a TENS unit.


Synchronous Mode (S)

Stimulation of both channels occurs synchronously. The "ON" time including "Ramp Up" and "Ramp Down" time. Therefore, the setting of ON Time should be no less than two times of the "Ramp" time in this mode. ON TIME ≧Ramp up + Ramp down


Alternate Mode(A)

The stimulation of the CH2 will occur after the 1st contraction of CH1 is completed. In this mode, the setting of ON Time should be no less than two times of the "Ramp" time. The OFF Time should be equal or more than the ON Time.
ON TIME >Ramp up + Ramp down OFF TIME ≧ON TIME



Two Adjustable timers, from 1 to 60 minutes or Continuous. Adjustable in 1 minute each step from 1 to 15 minutes, and 5 minutes each step from 15 to 60 minutes. Treatment time countdown automatically.


Patient Compliance Meter

This unit can store 60 sets of operation records. Total recorded time is 999 hours.


Low Battery Indicator

A low battery indicator will show up when the battery is low.


Operating Condition

Relative Humidity: 30%~75%
Atmosphere Pressure : 700Hpa~1060Hpa



There may be up to a +/-5% tolerance of all parameters and +/-20% tolerance of amplitude & voltage.

■ Precise Intensity Control
There are 100 steps of intensity level controlled by press buttons from 1 to 100mA.
■ Press Button Control
The power, intensity level and parameter are controlled by press buttons, which is easy for the users to adjust the settings. All of the buttons are protected by a swing door to avoid accidental touch.
■ Large Liquid Crystal Display
A large LCD in 6.1 x 4.4 cm showing the intensity level, settings and treatment timer. The selected modes and parameters are readable.
■ Two Treatment Timers
There are two individual timers controlling the output of CH1, CH2 & CH3, CH4. This function is ideal when two patients accept treatment with the same machine.
■ Treatment Time Countdown
The output will shut off automatically when time is up.
■ Compliance Meter

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