How to get benefit from TENS treatment?

TENS is an anti pain treatment and it is an abbreviation of transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation. TENS unit basically consists of a battery powered, pocket sized and a portable device. The treatment works on the electric signals that are really mild and they control the pain. The anti pain treatment is applicable for the treatment of many kinds of pain like acute pain, chronic pain, muscle pain or even the cancer pain. Use of the anti pain killers is not the safe mode of getting the relief from pain rather the TENS is a safe way to control the pain of many diseases. According to the health care products Canada the working of TENS based on the concept that the mild electric signals are sent by the electrodes and these eclectic signals are really helpful in reducing the pain, this treatment is also recommended for many patients according to the health care store Toronto.

The natural defending mechanism of the body against the pain based on the chemical called as endorphin, but some time the exogenous effects of the pain are quite unbearable and the natural defensive mechanism is not sufficient to control the pain, but the advantage of the TENS treatment is this that it also accelerates the endorphins in Your body. According to the nature and the location of the pain, the TENS unit are located to that place of pain. The placement of the electrodes at the accurate place is really an important point to do, because the effect of the treatment is dependant on the placement of the electrodes on the exact location. The pain can become more chronic and severe if the placement of electrodes is wrong.

The duration of the TENS treatment is nearly of 3 to 5 days, it depends on the nature of the treatment you can also get information from health care products Toronto. You have to take care of the charging of the TENS unit, make sure that the units are fully charged before you start the treatment. If during the TENS treatment you feel that your muscles are twitching it means that the TENS signals are quite strong for your body. The accurate amount of the signals are really important for the treatment of the disease , if the signals are too weak that may also not help you in the treatment so the accuracy of the electric signals is really important.

The electrodes of the TENS units should be removed at least once in the day just to see the effects on the skin where the electros are placed. Be careful before going to water that your TENS unit are turned off. TENS is not recommended for the people who are heart patients and used the heart pacemakers. Because the TENS signals will definitely interfere the signals of the heart pacemaker and it can prove fatal. Similarly the pregnant women should also avoid the TENS treatment because it can harm the baby. You should not place the electrodes at the head or the neck region it may also cause problems.

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