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Titan Med Tech- Arctic Heat Compression Therapy Wrap

Titan Med Tech- Arctic Heat Compression Therapy Wrap

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BETTER Compression

MORE Convenient

HANDS FREE- NO tubes, No thermos

NO ICE Needed


DEEPER Cold treatment


Product Description

The Arctic Heat Compression for the knee conforming to your knee shape when pumped up. The damaged area has no other alternative than to receive cold therapy. Don’t be confined to one place as the knee support allows you to walk around while wearing your Power Wrap as well. Fits either knee.

The removable gel insert may also be heated in the microwave (20-30 seconds) then in 10 second intervals after that to desired temperature. A hydroccolator may be used as well. Again, by having clothing between the skin and the wrap this warm insert, along with our compression, sends moist heat to the core of the site. By warming the tissue it allows for a better pre-event warm up, increases range of motion, and allows you to move in a more pain free way.


When & Why is Heat Therapy Used?

Therapy by using heat is most commonly used to treat chronic injuries such as muscle strains, slow healing sprains, and post surgically repaired joints. Many times heat is used prior to exercise to loosen up tight muscles and surrounding soft tissues. The warming effect upon the tissues help to not only relax the tissues making exercise more comfortable and easier to perform, but also brings in fresh oxygenated blood to the site to aid in proper healing. This along with a reduction of pain via the heating effect allows you to recover quicker and allows you to perform at a higher level than without properly warming the tissues.

Another way you can recover from injuries quicker, as well as perform better, is to alternate from hot to cold. For injuries that are older than 5 days it may be most beneficial to change your treatment to alternating from hot to cold. Repeating this process several times in intervals such as 10 minutes hot, then 10 minutes cold and so on. This creates a pumping type effect making old blood and lymph/wastes from the injury site while flushing the area with fresh oxygenated blood. Always remember to have some type of clothing between your skin and the wrap. Please note that compression from our wrap when used with heat is very warm and if it is compressed too much may cause burns. It is very important NOT to do this within the first 3-4 days following an injury as bleeding may still be occurring from damage at that site. Please ask a medical professional prior to beginning such treatment.

The convenience of being able to purchase extra insert gel-packs separately allows you to have 1 in the freezer while having another insert ready to be heated. Or you can have both inserts in the freezer so you always have an insert ready to go at all times.

WARNING! This product can cause injury. Always wear a piece of clothing over skin as the freezing/heat temperature may burn you. Remove immediately if causing any discomfort or pain. Never ​​​place around head or neck, compression device can ​cut off circulation. Do not ice/heat for more than​​ ​​​​​​​5 to 10 minutes at a time unless ​instructed by a physician, ​​​​therapist​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​or other medical professional.​ ​​​​​​Only use for area specified.​​​​


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