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Day Light Classic Plus

Day Light Classic Plus

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Day-Light Classic plus

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  • New Model with adjustable legs!

    For Seasonal Affected Disorder (S.A.D)

    10,000 Lux Light Intensity.

    Get the light of springtime everyday!

    Plain Truth About Bright Light Therapy:

    Bright light therapy lamps work to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Winter Blues

    For your health and safety, choose only products that have been clinically tested and meet all Design Standards set out by research experts - such as Day-Lights , which are recommended by the non-profit Center for Environmental Therapeutics (CET), and used exclusively in a new light therapy clinical program at Columbia University's Presbyterian Hospital.

    Beware of Industry Hype. Other than electrical safety standards, Manufacturer's are not subject to any safety restrictions regarding the type of light or the design of the delivery mechanism to use.

    NEW  Day-Light Classic Plus (DL93011CA)

    The Day-Light Classic is the first choice for many consumers and university researchers.  People rely on it as an integral tool for dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder and other issues due to light deficiency. 

    What’s the Same as the Day-Light Original?

    • 10,000 LUX at 12-14”
    • 99.3% UV blocked
    • Colour Temp: 4000K / CRI: 85
    • Meet all expert guidelines for clinical bright light therapy
    • Use same key components - ballast, lens material and bulbs
    • Two light modes - Therapy (3 bulbs) or task (2 bulbs)
    • 5 year limited warranty


    What’s Changed on the NEW Classic Plus?

    1. Slightly larger enclosure - increased field of illumination
    2. Improved ventilation -  better heat dissipation
    3. Four easy-access screws vs 9 to remove lens for bulb changes
    4. Power button moved to the side - clean, unobstructed profile
    5. Easier to adjust angle and height & features 4 height settings vs 3 - improved flexibility for users
    6. Attached single pedestal stand vs two independent legs -
      better stability and greater ease-of-use

    Humankind evolved under the outdoor day-night cycle, and it is essential to maintaining normal, healthy physiology. Exposure to sunrise is key to synchronizing our internal body cycles to the external world (so we sleep when it's dark and are alert during the day). Modern industrial society began to tamper with this system, though. The loss of daylight - in dark apartments, in the workplace, on shift work, etc. - creates a state of daylight deprivation, making us vulnerable to depressed mood, sleep problems, fatigue, ability to concentrate, and more. Nature, too, posed a new problem when humans began to migrate north, where winter nights are long and dark.
    The importance of light - beyond vision - has been known in all cultures for millennia. Think of the Sun Gods, Christmas Lights. . . . The scientific research effort, though, is recent. It was inspired by findings that light exposure directly affects hormone levels and can reset the body clock either forward or backward. Then, one smart patient - a chemical engineer named Herb Kern - connected his annual mood disorder to the reduced light exposure of winter. He came to the US National Institute of Mental Health and said, Study me! He actually co-authored the first journal report on light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which inspired a set of monumental clinical trials worldwide.

    Scientists think that light therapy works at several different levels, producing a combined beneficial effect. It is directly energizing for most people, thus combating mood-associated fatigue. When used at an appropriate morning hour (or in rare cases, evening hour), it corrects the misalignment of the internal body clock with external night and day. Finally, it stimulates the brain's production of neurochemicals that are thought to be antidepressant (and in that sense, it mimics drug effects in a more natural way, without the need for drugs).
    Light therapy has been proven through research to be beneficial for the treatment of both seasonal and non seasonal conditions such as:

    - SAD and the Winter Blues
    - PMS and Antepartum Blues
    - Jet Lag / Shift Work Adjustment
    - Circadian Sleep Disorders

    Size: 13.25 x 16 x 3 inches

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