Different Ways To Use TENS Machines

Different Ways To Use TENS Machines

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a therapy which is used to relieve pain in different body parts. Through this technique, low intensity current is used to treat the pain in a particular part of the body.

This electronic medical device has come as a boon for patients suffering from chronic pain on a regular basis. It helps in providing immediate, short-term relief from pain. Here are a few efficient ways in which a TENS machine can be used to get the best results.

Motor Level Stimulation
A strong-low rate is used to create acupuncture like effect. In this method low pulse frequency and long pulse is used by TENS machine which causes stimulation of concerned muscles to ease the pain.

Sensory Level Stimulation
It is a high rate and short pulse conventional technique used to stimulate large diameter of muscles in the area. This technique is majorly used for acute and chronic pain.

Sensory And Motor Level Stimulation
Blend of both the techniques is commonly used to ease the discomfort during any painful procedure like a minor surgery. This technique is highly efficient and helps to reduce the pain for hours after the usage.

Noxious Level Stimulation
In this method, the TENS unit is used for hyperstimulation as a last resort. The procedure sometimes becomes painful but the patient feels the relief after the process is over.

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