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Towel Warmer BJH23

Towel Warmer BJH23

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Towel Warmer MJH23


please Make sure you wet ( not soaking wet ) towel before you put in side this Towel Warmer


This towel warmer is controlled by micro-chip computer to monitor the temperature precisely as needed. Its smart protection system automatically shut down the electric circulation when overheated. It’s so easy to operate simply by pressing the power button. Once the inner temperature reaches the set level the micro-chip will manipulate the heating device automatically to maintain the temperature at a constant level as the user set it to be.


Model Number MJH23
Volume 23L
Wattage 200W
Voltage 230V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Temperature 70 ± 1o·c
Loading Capacity 18-30towels  ( small size 12x12)
Dimension 452*295*352mm

  1. Place the towel heater on a plain, safe and stable platform before getting started;
  2. Plug in the power to a safe wall socket or plug bank properly connected to the ground (zero voltage);
  3. Place the washed but un-dried towels folded neatly on shelves inside the towel warmer and then close the door properly;
  4. Press the Grey button on the top. The power indication will turn red and the towel warmer is ready to heat up. When the temperature has reached the pre-set level, the micro-chip will shut down the heating mechanism automatically until the inner temperature drops below the desired temperature it starts heating again on its own;
  1. Please read the manual carefully before getting started.
  2. Please keep the towel warmer at least 3 centimeters away from any objects when it’s on.
  3. Never put dry towels into the towel warmer.
  4. Please do not try to open the door when it hasn’t reached the set temperature.
  5. Please use a tweezers to fetch the towels when they’re done because you can be burned by the hot steam if you try to reach them by hands;
  6. When cleaning the cabinet, please make sure to unplug the power first
  7. Please check the water holder underneath the door regularly and empty it before it spills out;
  8. When not being used, please place the towel warmer in cool and dry environment and keep it away from flammable and explosive substance.
  9. Please do not put anything flammable or explosive inside the cabinet.
  10. Please do not slam the door with excessive force
  11. Please contact your supplier when the towel warmer malfunctions. Do not try to fix it by yourself.
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